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Women's Wear at My Flaming Heart

Strapless. Rockabilly halter. Marilyn pin-up. Cowgirl western.

These styles and more happen here in fabrics decorated with Calaveras, Day of the Dead couples on paseo, Las Virgens, Classic Senoritas, Frida Kahlo and her monkeys, Buddahs, Devils, and Tikis ...

You can get lost among the choices, but don't worry, we have a Wizard of Oz-themed number that will see you safely home again.
Home being, of course, My Flaming Heart.

Image: Lucas Cranach the Elder's ca. 1525 painting 'Cupid complaining to Venus', altered to show Venus wearing a strapless dress.

Uh-oh, Li'l Cupid's got himself in a bit of trouble after raiding the honeycomb hideout!
Venus -- ready for anything in her 'Skulls on crack' print strapless with an organza contrast at the bust -- chuckles. "You little scamp."

Image: John Byam Liston Shaw's 1911 painting 'The Woman, the Man and the Serpent', altered to show Eve wearing a Marilyn Monroe-type pin up dress

Eve is looking forward to an evening's paseo outside the garden in this beautiful Marilyn-inspired pin-up dress. Shown in Day of the Dead pattern, with an overlapping halter, shaped yoke and circle skirt. $275

Image: Pontormo's ca. 1512-13 painting 'Leda and the Swan', altered to show Leda wearing a western style dress.

Leda is all ready for her big date with Zeus, in classic western style. Patterned with lovely senoritas, this dress has a fitted bodice with piped yoke, gored skirt, and snap closures. $275

Image: Coles Phillips' ca. 1920 painting 'Pink Lady', altered to show the lady wearing a halter dress and La Virgen de Guadalupe-patterned boots

Our modern-day Muse, Daisy, is turning heads at the local resort, wearing a halter dress in "neon skulls" with pleated bust, seamed yoke, and circle skirt. $275

Image: Unknown artist's painting of a water nymph rising out of a pond, altered to show her wearing a romper.

What do you do when the mystical Lady of the Pond (Looking cute as a button in her romper with a neon Day of the Dead pattern) hovers near you offering you a magic flower?
Well, you wake up, for starters, Bub... Sheesh! Romper. $225

Image: Titian's ca. 1518 painting 'The Garden of Love', altered to show the statue of Venus wearing a western-style shirt.

Our golden goddess Venus presides over the annual Cupid's picnic in the Garden of Love, wearing a western shirt patterned with Day of the Dead fiesta scenes.
Side note: Even kids with wings love a bouncy castle! Women's Western Shirt. $125