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Handmade Jewelry at My Flaming Heart!

Besides a wide selection of vintage and costume jewelry, MFH makers Debbie Neuman Sakach, Indre Rapalaviciute, Laura Cox, Jo Bird, and Y. E. Torres are quietly (well, I say quietly) redefining what jewelry is by transforming strange, collected objects into magical, one of a kind jewelry pieces right before your eyes. These pieces are pure decoration, talisman, portable reliquary, and much, much more! They'll also work with you to create your own unique piece from the shop's vast array of strange collected objects. Have a look at these bitchen photos by our friend Groovehouse!

From the Book of My Flaming Heart:
"If you meet the Buddah in the road, make him some earrings."
... F'reals, look at them lobes!

Really, what's more charming than a Frida charm bracelet?

In the pot against these earrings was Grandma's 1949 Hudson "Chill-o-Matic" refridgerator, and she wasn't about to lose that, believe it. Mr. Scratch forgot just how hard a card that ol' Jack of Diamonds is to play, and Grandma wore these proudly right to the end.
She always said they made her feel "cool". True story.

Also from the BoMFH:
"And if the Buddah comes back, make him a bracelet.
But that's it, buddy. No more freebies, yo."

MHF makers are always ready to bring the heat.

"The dark, abnormal and bizzare are what inspire me to create pieces for MFH. Turning unusual objects into a show that you can add to your attire is positively inspiring for me"--Jo.
"My greatest inspiration is metal and how things react to each other. When I make jewelry at MFH, I am inspired by the energy from the different artifacts and relics we create our pieces out of"-- Debbie.
"When I make jewelry at MFH, I am collaging adorments. I am inspired by the materials and vintage jewelry available to me and I am inspired by the creativity and individuals styles of the other women who work here"--YET.

Pretty charms, and your mystery date's picture on a bracelet!

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