Image: Text 'El Castigado's Corner', with an arrow pointing to a rotating image generator below, displaying graphics created by graphic designer El Castigado, promoting or inspired by My Flaming Heart.

Men's Wear at My Flaming Heart!

As with our dresses, a variety of styles happen here, in fabrics decorated with Calaveras, Day of the Dead couples on paseo, Las Virgens, Classic Senoritas, Buddahs, Devils, Tikis, and even some bitchen 'shrooms...

Image: From an unknown sci-fi flick, with clothing altered. Man looking into a doorway at two men with glowing eyes, one wearing a bowling style shirt with a pattern of skulls and roses.Our shirts are striking, straight up. This one, a bowling style with a pattern of skulls and roses, stops 'em in their tracks every time.* $125
*Well, that and the glowy eyes thing...
Image: Photo of the designer El Castigado wearing a Loteria shirt, standing against a background made up of Loteria cards with a photo of a pretty girl above.

See this girl? She really goes for those wearing shirts from MFH. This is one of our most popular shirts, a Bowling style with Loteria inserts. $130

Image: Gustave Moreau's 1875 painting 'Hercules and the Hydra of Lernae', altered to show Hercules wearing a western shirt patterened with lavender mushrooms

Real demigods fight Hydras while wearing lavender 'shrooms, nome sane? Western short sleeves $125

Image: Illustration of a child surfing wearing a western shirt

This l'il paniolo is taking a surf break from ranch duties wearing a child's western shirt sent by his cowboy cousins in Houston! $65